Under the same sky, drawing the same dream, we will continue to search for that W.

iCassieFamily’s Rules and Regulations

Here is some simple yet IMPORTANT R&R for @iCassieFamily’s members, which is needed to be bear in mind.

1) Attend the Fanbase account OFTEN. [Except News Updater]
2) Be friendly to followers.
3) Inform @HaanaSnow if you changed your twitter username.
4) DO NOT change Fanbase account’s settings.
5) DO NOT spam TVXQ’s unrelated/irrelevant stuffs/nonsense in the Fanbase account.
6) Update TVXQ’s STUFFS , instead of other artist.
7) Communicate in ENGLISH most of the time.
8) The fanbase are allowed to FOLLOW TVXQ, ARTIST which has relation to TVXQ, TVXQ’s FANBASES and @iCassieFamily’s ADMINS ONLY.



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